Turn your application into a graph computation engine

Sometimes I come across a subject that doesn't really fancy my interest. Either because I absolutely don't see any application for a particular piece of technology or because I simply don't have enough time to take a closer look.

Graphs is one of of those things that just didn't grab my attention until a few weeks ago. But now that I have seen the amount of fuss around this subject I think I should have looked into it a bit earlier.

How to build a remote temperature sensor with ReactivePI

Working with hardware on any platform involves working with a low-level programming language and a huge amount of constants that have weird values. That's at least how I remember building my first hardware/software interface.

Today this isn't much better. I love the raspberry PI and the fact that I can run Java applications on it. But what I absolutely dislike is the fact that I still have to write C programs in order to access the hardware interfaces. If you want to use the I2C bus on your Raspberry PI you have two choices: Use the python programming language or resort to C and use the appropriate system calls.