Make your Spring Boot application multi-tenant aware in 2 steps

Building a micro service using Spring Boot is quite a lot better than building everything by hand. But when you want to do something different it's a bit like eating mcDonalds. It's fast and easy, but not very good for you :-)

I ran into this kind of situation when I tried to add multi-tenant support to my micro service that was build in Spring Boot.

Quickly deploy a Play application to Azure Websites

Coming from .NET I've always liked Azure for its simplicity. I takes no more than 5 minutes to run a ASP.NET web application on Azure.

I figured: Why isn't that possible for Java too? Turns out it is possible and not that hard to get up and running. And although I tried it with a Play application most of the steps are the same for other kinds of Java application.

Get started with the Azure IoT Hub SDK in Scala

Microsoft has launched a preview for Azure IoT hub a while back. I didn't have the time back then to check it out, but now that it has had some time to settle I think it's a good time to check things out.

This time however I'm not going to try the .NET API which is a first class language if you're working with Azure. Instead I'm going to see what it does when you try to use it from the Scala/Java perspective.

Get started with Hexo on Github

"My weblog is getting pretty old" was the first thing I thought when I tried to update it to the latest technology. And it's true, I've started my weblog on community server, moved it to wordpress, tried to run it on Ghost and finally made the move to static HTML with Octopress.

The final move to a static HTML website has provided me with the best experience so far. If you can afford to mess with HTML, Markdown and CSS than generating a weblog based on markdown and some templates is by far the most flexible and most performant way to run a weblog.