5 Tips to improve your machine learning solution

Last week I teached a group of colleagues about machine learning. The goal for the training was to remove the black box and learn more about what you can do with machine learning. We also covered some discussions that arise when you start to use machine learning.

There's a lot of things you need to think about when you start to apply machine learning. Although it's not impossibly hard, there's still a lot of stuff you need to think about.

So you are a technical evangelist, what does it even mean?

When I started developing software at thirteen I dreamed of architecting big software systems. I really wanted to build cool stuff with my computer, although I could only program a little bit of QBasic back then.

18 years later I am building big systems, but I haven't exactly reached my goal. Of course I design my fair share of big pieces of architectures, but I'm not an architect.

TypeScript: Internal vs External Modules

Last week we started to build our first component in Typescript. We have done Javascript development for quite a few years and we are quite proficient at it as a team. Still there is room for improvement. We really dislike the syntax of the revealing module pattern and we love strongly typed languages for the compile time checks it provides.

Typescript feels as a language that can offers quite a few things. There is however one thing that I had a hard time with: Modules.