Make your Spring Boot application multi-tenant aware in 2 steps

Building a micro service using Spring Boot is quite a lot better than building everything by hand. But when you want to do something different it's a bit like eating mcDonalds. It's fast and easy, but not very good for you :-)

I ran into this kind of situation when I tried to add multi-tenant support to my micro service that was build in Spring Boot.

Quickly Generate API Docs for Your Spring Boot Application Using Springfox

While working on one of the micro services that we're adding to knowNow I ran into an issue with documentation. In order for my teammates to quickly get up and going with the new service I needed some way to provide them with the documentation. Preferrably something that they can use to generate code from.

Since it's 2015 that means using Swagger, a documentation format for REST services that describes the methods and models in your service in a JSON format. Together with Swagger UI you get a documentation format that is machine readable AND human readable. It also supports experimenting with the API, which is a big plus if you ask me.