Authorize access to your Play application using action builders and action functions

When you think about Scala web applications you’re probably thinking Play. This framework to me is the de facto standard for building web applications in Scala. It offers a great set of features that make it really easy to build web applications.

The framework looks very similar to Rails and ASP.NET Core. I think it has the great things of both and adds more on top of that by enabling Akka actors and a functional programming style that I find more logical to use these days.

Quickly deploy a Play application to Azure Websites

Coming from .NET I've always liked Azure for its simplicity. I takes no more than 5 minutes to run a ASP.NET web application on Azure.

I figured: Why isn't that possible for Java too? Turns out it is possible and not that hard to get up and running. And although I tried it with a Play application most of the steps are the same for other kinds of Java application.

How to create Multi Project SBT Build Files

A while back I started programming Scala for the first time. It was also the first introduction to the scala build tool. The defacto standard build to for compiling and packaging scala applications.

The first steps were easy, I had projects up and running in no time. But now I've come across a scenario where I need to create a piece of software that actually is composed of multiple projects. This presented me with an interesting problem. How can you build a project with SBT that depends on other projects that also use SBT.