Making CSS development LESS evil

Web development is an environment that is somewhat evil. There's a whole bunch of very dynamic languages out there that make you want to pull out your hair. Some of it is fixable, like taking a class in Javascript (which I did last week, to finally get my head around it). Other things are not so easily fixed.<!--more-->

Cascading stylesheets are things that always bite me in the behind, because they are very very hard to get structured right. If you miss one selector match, you're pretty much screwed. Things start to work in one area, while breaking in an area where you apparantly use the wrong combination of HTML elements.

Don't invent it your self: 5 great CSS frameworks to rock your website

When you have build a website before you know the drill of building HTML and creating CSS files to style the stuff you created using HTML. For some it's a pain, for others a form of pure art. I think however that it can also be part of a not-invented-here syndrome that developers have grown.<!--more-->

If you're a hybrid developer or a regular developer building a website you're probably looking at this huge mountain of work called styling the website. It however can be made when you have a ready made grid in which you can position the elements that are on the page.

Making your website rock

Building a website is more than just throwing together a bunch of controls or writing huge amounts of HTML and Javascript. It's about creating that awesome experience. In this post I will be show you a few tricks that I've used to make this weblog a better experience.<!--more--> <h2>A website is all about the content that is on it</h2> The first thing you need to think about when building your next web experience is: What am I going to put up there. The subject or the goal of your website is the most important thing you need to think about. How important the rest of the stuff I tell you may be, it will serve only to reach that goal. It is that simple.

Great websites like are great because they offer a substantial amount of content the visitors of that site care about. The builders of the website took great care in researching what exactly they were going to show to their users.