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Getting started with F# on your mac

Functional programming is becoming a thing. More and more people are talking about it. I used to use Scala for a lot of projects, but always wondered about F#.

Last week I swallowed the blue pill and dived into this remarkable language. As with with all languages I tried to get F# up and running on my Macbook.

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Using Akka.NET from your ASP.NET core application

ASP.NET Core is a great web framework. Now that RC2 is out I can recommend you take a look at it. The tooling is much more solid now and the API is looking stable as well.

One of the things I've been meaning to try for weeks now is to use actors in my ASP.NET Core application. So here it goes. <!-- more -->

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project.json is going away and it's a good thing

During the last community standup of the ASP.NET core team Damien announced that project.json is going away. This spurred a discussion on twitter that left me with the feeling that this is a bad thing.

I think my fellow tweeps are wrong on this matter and here's why.

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A quick lap around Algorithmia, the online algorithm marketplace

Selling algorithms is becoming a thing on the internet. A number of big companies have started to sell access to their algorithms. It's an interesting business model. If you haven't got the smarts to implement an intelligent algorithm yourself, then buying one from Microsoft or Google looks like a really smart plan.

I'm not going to say that you will end up with a great solution. You still need to spend time to tune and integrate everything into a working solution, but it's a great start.

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Write unit-tests if you want to learn open-source

Last week I created my first pull request for Akka.NET fixing a small bug that caused an exception when you concatenated two byte strings. Nothing major, but I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Here's why. <!-- more -->

You get to see the developer culture of a different team

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Machine learning ideas: Anomaly detection

Machine Learning ideas: Anomaly detection using K-Means

From time to time I come across Machine Learning ideas. As I come across them I like to explain them to you my reader and encourage you to try them out. In this post you will learn a method to detect abnormal transactions. I will show you how you can find weird transactions on your own bank account. <!-- more -->

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