A quick lap around Algorithmia, the online algorithm marketplace

Selling algorithms is becoming a thing on the internet. A number of big companies have started to sell access to their algorithms. It’s an interesting business model. If you haven’t got the smarts to implement an intelligent algorithm yourself, then buying one from Microsoft or Google looks like a really smart plan.

I’m not going to say that you will end up with a great solution. You still need to spend time to tune and integrate everything into a working solution, but it’s a great start.

Talking about selling algorithms, a while back I found Algorithmia, a website which provides an online marketplace for people to buy and sell algorithms of the kind that Microsoft and Google are providing through their own cloud.

It is an interesting service, which deserves another look.

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Machine learning ideas: Anomaly detection

Machine Learning ideas: Anomaly detection using K-Means

From time to time I come across Machine Learning ideas. As I come across them I like to explain them to you my reader and encourage you to try them out. In this post you will learn a method to detect abnormal transactions. I will show you how you can find weird transactions on your own bank account.

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5 Tips to improve your machine learning solution

Last week I teached a group of colleagues about machine learning. The goal for the training was to remove the black box and learn more about what you can do with machine learning. We also covered some discussions that arise when you start to use machine learning.

There’s a lot of things you need to think about when you start to apply machine learning. Although it’s not impossibly hard, there’s still a lot of stuff you need to think about.

In this post I will discuss 5 tips that can help to improve your machine learning solution.

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So you are a technical evangelist, what does it even mean?

When I started developing software at thirteen I dreamed of architecting big software systems. I really wanted to build cool stuff with my computer, although I could only program a little bit of QBasic back then.

18 years later I am building big systems, but I haven’t exactly reached my goal. Of course I design my fair share of big pieces of architectures, but I’m not an architect.

Here’s why. Quickly after I discovered programming I also discovered my love for doing new things. I have a bad habit of stopping right before something becomes mainstream. The sort of thing you don’t want in an architect to be honest.

This property of finding out new stuff and stopping before it becomes mainstream is a useful property if you know how to apply it though.

Instead of worrying about it, I made sure to use this property to my advantage by becoming a technical evangelist. Yes, it’s a thing and you may be wondering what that is, so let me explain what I do.

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