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Building Containerized Apps With Vagrant

Building apps that use docker as a means to deploy different services for the application is somewhat weird. You have to type in a lot of docker commands to get everything up and running. That is not all, on top of having to execute a lot …

Setting Up ZSH on Your Mac

A few years back I started using a Mac at home for general computing and editing my photographs. I didn’t look back at my Windows computer. Windows 8 is sort of meh and the Mac hardware just works as opposed to my last PC that failed …

Changing the casing of JSON properties in Web API

My favorite library to serialize/deserialize .NET objects to and from JSON is the NewtonSoft JSON library. This library is fast and does the right thing the first time you use it in your application. When Microsoft started to use this …

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Tips for usable text on the web

After working on a number of websites I learned that making a good website, that is easy to read, is hard. There’s a lot of stuff you need to think about. Even for things like choosing the right font size and spacing between typograhical elements. In this post I’ve gathered up a few tricks that I learned while building websites. These 4 tips should help you to make better choices when it comes to picking font size and other properties of the text on your website. Tip 1: Use an optimal line length A line of text is only readable …

Migrated my blog to Ghost.js

Javascript is awesome and I had to jump on the wagon by moving my blog to this cool programming language. Well, not really, but I was looking for a blog engine that supports markdown instead of the dreaded wysiwyg HTML editor that was standard a year ago. I could ofcourse build my own blog. But I decided against it, since there are so many good blog engines out there. After googling around a bit I discovered a post by Scott Hanselman on how to run Ghost on Windows Azure. Which inspired me to try out moving my blog to it. …

Learning Rails part 4: Integrating bootstrap

One of the coolest frameworks since the existence of web frameworks is Bootstrap, at least if you ask me what would be the coolest framework to work with. It doesn’t solve all your CSS troubles, but it gives you a very good basis on which to build your software. Bootstrap is in no way related to Rails apart from the fact that Rails ultimately generates HTML pages. There is however a ton of neat gems out there that you can use to integrate Bootstrap into your rails application and super charge the application with some of the best UI stuff …

Using OData with Mono for Android

OData is popular these days and a protocol that is very easy to use. It’s a way to expose a model in a resource oriented way to clients. There’s support for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and Windows but not Mono for Android. Now that I have grown a liking to Mono for Android I thought it might be cool to convert an existing version of the OData client library to a Mono for Android version.



With C# as the language of choice for a good part of my career, I think .NET deserves a good spot on my weblog. Everything related to .NET and mono is dropped here.

Mobile development

Occasionally I build mobile applications using Xamarin or other native technologies. I write mostly about Android development as that is the place I started developing for. You will find other platforms here too.


Everything that I could not find another place to put it. This is the spot where you will find random posts on random things I experiment with.


When not programming I photograph. I really like landscapes, particularly dutch landscapes. I spend a lot of time on taking photographs and editing them to get the best out of the photographs.


Occasionally I speak at events. Information on talks that I’ve published online, videos and other stuff is published in this category.

Web development

One of the subjects I really like in computer science is web applications. This category ranges from building REST APIs to Ruby on Rails.