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Quickly Generate API Docs for Your Spring Boot Application Using Springfox

While working on one of the micro services that we’re adding to knowNow I ran into an issue with documentation. In order for my teammates to quickly get up and going with the new service I needed some way to provide them with the …

Why I Like Angular More Than I Like React.JS

Last week Lieke Boon (@Lieke2208) on twitter asked what people liked best, Angular or React. Good question, which deserved an honest answer from my side. @Lieke2208 weird, but I like #angularjs better. Mixing html and js is weird and …

How to create Multi Project SBT Build Files

A while back I started programming Scala for the first time. It was also the first introduction to the scala build tool. The defacto standard build to for compiling and packaging scala applications. The first steps were easy, I had …

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Building Containerized Apps With Vagrant

Building apps that use docker as a means to deploy different services for the application is somewhat weird. You have to type in a lot of docker commands to get everything up and running. That is not all, on top of having to execute a lot of commands you also have to deal with a the rather long commands. There’s quite a few things you can configure and you have to specify all that on the commandline. In this post I will show you a tip that will save you a lot of time when you work a lot with …

Setting Up ZSH on Your Mac

A few years back I started using a Mac at home for general computing and editing my photographs. I didn’t look back at my Windows computer. Windows 8 is sort of meh and the Mac hardware just works as opposed to my last PC that failed at least once every year. Now that I’ve used my Mac for a few years I am discovering even more about it that’s great. One of the things I’ve found that is also great about the Mac is that it has a unix shell. Unix shell implementations are the best around, no matter what …

Changing the casing of JSON properties in Web API

My favorite library to serialize/deserialize .NET objects to and from JSON is the NewtonSoft JSON library. This library is fast and does the right thing the first time you use it in your application. When Microsoft started to use this library in ASP.NET Web API, I made a little virtual jump of joy in my mind. It means we have a defacto-standard library instead of something Microsoft came up with for themselves. Not that I mind Microsoft building their own thing, but some things you shouldn’t do yourself when someone else has a better solution. By default when you serialize …

Tips for usable text on the web

After working on a number of websites I learned that making a good website, that is easy to read, is hard. There’s a lot of stuff you need to think about. Even for things like choosing the right font size and spacing between typograhical elements. In this post I’ve gathered up a few tricks that I learned while building websites. These 4 tips should help you to make better choices when it comes to picking font size and other properties of the text on your website. Tip 1: Use an optimal line length A line of text is only readable …



With C# as the language of choice for a good part of my career, I think .NET deserves a good spot on my weblog. Everything related to .NET and mono is dropped here.

Mobile development

Occasionally I build mobile applications using Xamarin or other native technologies. I write mostly about Android development as that is the place I started developing for. You will find other platforms here too.


Everything that I could not find another place to put it. This is the spot where you will find random posts on random things I experiment with.


When not programming I photograph. I really like landscapes, particularly dutch landscapes. I spend a lot of time on taking photographs and editing them to get the best out of the photographs.


Occasionally I speak at events. Information on talks that I’ve published online, videos and other stuff is published in this category.

Web development

One of the subjects I really like in computer science is web applications. This category ranges from building REST APIs to Ruby on Rails.